Long after Peter Piper picked his first pepper, Ed Sokoloski, Sr. decided to try his hand at it. Ed (a.k.a. "Big E") crafted his special hot pepper jelly (HPJ) using the freshest ingredients straight from his garden in the heart of Scott Township, PA. Each year he would share his jars of peppered perfection at holiday parties and give them as gifts to friends and family. Naturally, HPJ was a huge success, both because of its unique, savory flavor as well as its scrumptious versatility, being enjoyed in dips, spreads, and appetizers (just to name a few).

Big E's oldest child, Ed Jr. (a.k.a. "Little E") eventually began to spread the HPJ love among his own friends. The only problem: people couldn't get enough! HPJ enthusiasts craved the tasty treat and requested more and more of it—and at all times of the year.

To satisfy these demands, Little E decided to continue the HPJ tradition from his home in Archbald, PA. He still works closely with his father to grow and pick only the most flavorful peppers—ensuring each jar is packed with a mouthwatering blend of sweet, spicy success. Planting, weeding, harvesting and processing the peppers has reaped its own rewards for both generations of Sokoloskis. One of the best customer compliments has been that HPJ is "probably the best thing I ever tasted!"

Through the years, HPJ has been used in a variety of creative ways, both in a supporting role and as a star player of many a delicious dish. Check out our recipes page for more tips and visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for other HPJ fan favorites. 

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Ed Jr. and Ed Sr. with the fruits of their labor.

Ed Jr. and Ed Sr. with the fruits of their labor.