'16-'17 j.O.y. AWARDS

To quote Andy Williams, "it's the most wonderful time of the year!" J.O.Y. to the world—the Jelly of the Year Awards are back! Winners will be revealed starting December 4th. Will you be among the chosen few to accept the coveted Jelly title? Check back here for results and visit us on Twitter and Instagram for daily winner announcements. Who will take this year's biggest prize? Stay tuned for all the hot scoop!


6th Place Winner: Mike "The Machine" Henzes

Our first Jelly of the Year (JOY) for 2014-2015 goes to a newcomer in the franchise. Congratulations to Mike 'The Machine' Henzes. Mike has been instrumental in planting the crop for the past two seasons. When weather and timing prohibited the CEO from planting, Mike stepped up and got his hands dirty. One would think that with such precision, a machine had to plant each pepper. That Machine was Mike!


5th Place Winner: The Craig Sisters

This year's fifth place JOY award goes to the Craig Sisters. Kelly and Erin earned their Jelly of The Year award through determination and consistency. Kelly became the leading sales representative for the Valley View School District. Kelly's lead on having 'Dip Parties' at school showed much innovation. Erin's clientele at her hair salon might encourage a name change in her business to Erin's Hair and Jell. Great job ladies, I see nothing but great potential for the upcoming year.


4th Place Winner: Lori "My Friend Makes Jelly" Mattise

Joy is what our fourth place JOY recipient brings to the taste buds of Archbald residents. Congratulations to Lori 'My Friend Makes Jelly ' Mattise. Math may be Lori's forte but HPJ might be her inspiration. Lori's commitment to HPJ makes her a trusted and valuable asset to the Jelly team. Keep spreading the love.


3rd Place Winner: Maria "No Longer DeFazio" Zeeb

Our third place JOY Award is Maria "No Longer DeFazio" Zeeb. This first-time Jelly is no rookie when it comes to HPJ. Maria has been designer for the famous HPJ labels that we have all come to love and recognize. Maria even created a limited wedding edition label for their beautiful May wedding. This year, Maria designed and operated the new edshpj.com website. With catchy phrases like "Jars of Joy" and "Spread the Love," Maria has left us "Hot, Hot, Hot."


2nd Place Winner: Mike "Above and Beyond" Sokoloski

For the second year in a row, our runner-up to Jelly of the Year goes to Mike "Above and Beyond" Sokoloski. Going Above and Beyond has become Mike's mantra. Not only has it earned him national awards in his day job, but it has him in reach to one day become Top Jelly. Mike's foresight to package HPJ for holiday gift baskets was ingenious. Mike is also using his wide and varied golf connections to make in-roads in the Southeast and Great Lakes markets. Keep reaching for the top cousin Mikey!


1st Place Winner and Jelly of the Year:
Steve "Little Brother" Sokoloski

Congratulations again to Jelly of the Year recipient for 2014-2015, Steve "Little Brother" Sokoloski. If you ever check out Steve's Instagram page, you'll quickly realize that this Top Jelly never stops networking. New York to San Fran, Buffalo to D.C., day and night, 365 days a year, Steve never stops spreading the jelly. Steve is recognized not only as the top salesman but also as Ed's Hot Pepper Jelly Facebook page engineer. A Like for EdsHPJ is a Like for Steve! Way to go little brother.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners—you put the "pep" in "pepper!"

Ed Jr. and Ed Sr. with the fruits of their labor.